How to choose a good local hair salon in Columbia, S.C.

local hair salon ColumbiaSo you need that great hairstyle for that upcoming event you have your mind set on attending. Where can you go? Which hairstylist can you trust to come through for you to create that ‘just-right’ hairstyle? These questions barely mirror the inner turmoil that a woman goes through when it comes to selecting a trusted hairstylist. It is imperative that the stylist be just right but most of all that there is a client/stylist connection. A good stylist will get to know each client, their likes and dislikes, their preferences etc. The client will in turn develop a trust in their stylist.

The Columbia Hair Salon is a superb example of a salon where client and hairstylist relations is something to smile about. With over twenty (20) years of experience in the business the Columbia hair salon is like a community organization. Over the years the salon and its team have become endeared to both children and adults. They have ensured that all their clients feel welcomed and a part of the salon. The kids have their own section outfitted with videos, toys and books to help them pass the time. Gladys, Daysi and Roquen work as a team to ensure that there is a family-like ambience for both themselves and the clients to enjoy.

How to choose a hair salon in Columbia, S.C.

There are several practices which highlight a good stylist/salon. These include:

A Hair Salon’s Professionalism

Once you step into the salon of a professional stylist the ambience of the salon should echo that message.

How you were greeted?

How was the reception? Do you feel as though you or your money matters more?

Client satisfaction

It is always good to note the level of satisfaction that the clients display. Indicators are usually detected through the reaction of the clients. How relaxed are the clients? Is there any fuss between client and stylist about the quality of work? Take note of how the stylist might handle situations as which may arise.

Qualification of attendants

A good hairstylist will ensure that their licenses and the qualification of the team is displayed or made available for clients to view without asking. No one wants to spend money to have an unqualified person mess around in their hair or administering other beauty processes. How long has this person being doing this? Where did they acquire their qualification(s)?


A salon is a public place where communicable diseases can be easily passed on but more so hair and skin conditions can be transferred on from client to client if due diligence is not followed. Combs and other relevant items should be sterilized and not being passed from one client’s hair or skin to the other. After all even at home these practices are important more so in a business place. In spite of all the constant snipping and cutting the salon should be clean.


Qualification and competence does not always go hand in hand. Never take it for granted that if a person is highly qualified it will manifest itself through competence.

Is there Gossiping

This seems like an almost unavoidable past-time in hair salons but there is a limit. A stylist should never engage in or encourage gossips about other clients. Clients many times build a relationship with the hairstylist and may discuss personal matters with them in confidence. It a hairstylist engages in discussing one client then it might just mean that other clients including you might be discussed behind their back. Never believe that the saucepan which was used to cook Sally will not be used to cook you as well.

Finally, ask yourself these questions.

  • Does the team take pride in their work?
  • Does the finished job sell itself and the stylist?

Remember to always ask for referral if you see a hairstyle that you like and want to wear you could ask the person to refer you to their stylist.

It is highly recommended that before you commit to a stylist you schedule a consultation to feel out the salon and the team to observe the pointers given above and then decide if you are really comfortable with your choice. Established salons such as Columbia Hair Salon who have their customer’s best interest at heart will from time to time have promotions and specials for their clients.



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